The ECO Cubby - designed in part by students of Berwick Fields Primary School and BENT Architecture is going ahead!
Eco-Cubby is a workshop program for school children that placed BENT Architecture at Berwick Fields Primary in 2010 to promote the concept of sustainable design. 

The Berwick Fields Primary School 'Eco-Cubby' will be a woodwork workshop, potentially built and run by students at the nearby TAFE institution. As a freestanding building with a non-conventional teaching function, BENT Architecture saw an opportunity to integrate play into the architecture of the building. During school hours, it would function as a woodwork workshop. At recesses and after hours, it could be a playground and cubby. The project expanded on the ideas that had been generated by the students - in this way, the design would also partly belong to the students. Through the design of this 'Eco-Cubby', children engaged in a challenging dialogue to learn about, build awareness of, and take action for sustainable living. 

The State Government will provide $100,000 for Berwick Fields Primary School to build an ECO Cubby. This is fantastic news for Berwick Fields Primary School!

For further information, see the website and blog documenting the Eco-Cubby Project: