croydon campus colours

Interior Colour Scheme _Swinburne Uni, Croydon VIC. Australia Completed 2010

The interiors of the existing 1980’s campus buildings were dramatically transformed from repetitive, predominantly grey and rudimentary structures into fresh, engaging learning and social environments through the use of paint alone.  The paint colours were applied to all interior surfaces across the TAFE campus, including classrooms, workshops, corridors, auditoriums, the staff lounge and student cafeteria.  The palette includes five highlight colours and three neutral tones which ground the palette and help to regulate the amount of colour according to the function of each space.  The experience of the internal spaces is enlivened by colours inspired by the surrounding landscape, creating a more immediate connection with the native vegetation of this outer-suburban campus.



BENT Team:
Merran Porjazoski, Paul Porjazoski, Rocio Scorzano

Riley Shelley

Folded Bird Photography

2012 FINALIST _ Dulux Colour Awards - Commercial Interior