growing up green roof

Retrofit Green Roof _ Melbourne VIC. Australia _ Completed 2010

Melbourne's skyline is now a little greener with the construction of the world’s first fully funded, competition designed, retro-fitted green roof.

'Growing Up' was initiated by the Committee for Melbourne's 'Future Focus Group' in response to their 'Future Map 2030 Climate Change Taskforce' recommendation to increase Melbourne's resilience to climate change by installing green roofs on city buildings.  An open design competition, chaired by the Victorian Government Architect, was held in 2009, and industry leaders and suppliers were called upon to provide financial and in-kind support.  The Committee for Melbourne intend for this project to become a "blueprint to green-roof Melbourne," enhancing the city's livability and its reputation as a centre for biotechnology, creativity, research and development, and culture.

'Growing Up' explores the environmental, social and spatial potential of a green roof.  The scheme proposes a central landscaped hill, around which a singular circulation zone expands and contracts to create a number of gathering spaces of various scales and orientations.  Bound by edges of seating and planting, inhabitants are to be completely surrounded by greenery along a continuous experience of the roof.  Traditional garden structures, such as a folly, gazebo and terracing, create diversity along the journey.  'Growing Up' aims to showcase the environmental, social and economic benefits of green roofs through the creation of an oasis within the city – a place that is both connected to and protected from its surrounds.

In addition to the recreational functions of the roof design, the project also performs a research function.  Monitoring equipment, a centralised roof water collection and irrigation system and a micro-weather station will allow researchers from The University of Melbourne to collect green roof performance data.



BENT Team:
Paul Porjazoski, Merran Porjazoski, Fiona Lew, Louisa Macleod

Paul Jones with Better Projects P/L

Structural Engineer:
Clive Steele Partners P/L

Dianna Snape

2009 WINNER _ 'Growing Up' Green Roof Competition
2010 3RD PRIZE _ Singapore Skyrise Greenery Awards
2010 WINNER _ Melbourne Design Awards - Commercial Architecture

2009 The Age _ "Oasis on the Roof"
2009 Melbourne News _ "Roof to go Green"
2010 The Age _ "Melbourne's concrete jungle begins to turn green"
2011 CSIRO Publishing 'Living Architecture' _ "Head for the Hill"
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