Extension/Renovation _ Hawthorn VIC. Australia _ Under Construction

This project involves unclipping the existing renovation from the rear of a largely intact heritage dwelling and reprogramming the floorplan to harness the sun-filled rear yard for a family with young children.

The grand proportions and beautiful detailing of the existing house have been retained, and inform the design of new living areas. The roof line has been reclaimed, folding down at the rear of the house in response to the function of the first floor whilst offering a sympathetic nod to the original house and the surrounding rooflines of the neighbourhood.  



BENT Team:
Paul Porjazoski, Michael Germano, Joanna Butler, Merran Porjazoski, Tilde Sheppard, Lana Blazanin

Structural Engineer:
Clive Steele Partners P/L


Living A1_Final-min.jpg
Living B_Final-min.jpg