seaford life saving club

New Life Saving Club _ Seaford VIC. Australia _ Competition Entry 2005

Community ‘ownership’ and integration with the existing surroundings and ecosystem were the primary generators of this competition entry for the Seaford Life Saving Club. A circulation path linking the Seaford township with the beach and pier dissects the building in two; surf lifesaving functions to the north and cafe/kiosk to the south. This gesture encourages pedestrian flow through the heart of the development, as users and passers-by alike are brought directly through the building’s ‘interior’ along a promenade bounded by walls of shifting planes of changing transparency, allowing glimpses through to the spaces behind and framing views of the ocean ahead. These shifting planes fold to create seating, form protective awnings, or slide open to reveal the community spaces within. The path widens for communal gathering and cafe seating, or to allow northern aspect or ocean views along a shifting, meandering journey.



BENT Team:
Paul Porjazoski, Mike Macleod, Matt Rawlins, Merran Porjazoski

2005 COMMENDATION _ Seaford Life Saving Club Design Competition