business and arts entry

Entry Refurbishment_Swinburne Uni. Hawthorn VIC. Australia _Completed 2016

Our installation in the basement of the Business and Arts building at Swinburne University Hawthorn, transforms its previously dark and uninspiring entry, into a vibrant and engaging introduction to the Faculty.  

A series of intensely coloured, lightweight ‘arches’ were inserted into the basement; they re-focus the journey and frame the Faculty’s entry, whilst maintaining easy access to the essential services of the building. Street art by Luke Gannon, a Swinburne graduate, lurks within the recesses of the installation, further activating the experience of entering and exiting the building.



BENT Team:
Merran Porjazoski, Joanna Butler, Paul Porjazoski

Ledar Group P/L

Structural Engineer:
Scroggie Consulting Engineers P/L

Luke Gannon

Tatjana Plitt Photography

2017 GOLD WINNER _ Melbourne Design Awards - Public or Institutional Interiors
2017 GOLD WINNER _ London Design Awards - Intl. Public or Institutional Interiors